About Us

 Splendor Of Africa is a place where we market Africa and African heritage to the world through fashion, arts and crafts.
This is where Afro meets Cotemporary and diverse cultures are bridged and blended by way of fashion.We create all kinds of contemporary designs with bright and colorful African traditional fabric for a satisfying Afrocentric experience. From creating a beautiful wedding gown with an authentic traditional Ghanaian Kente, to creating that beautiful prom dress or graduation attire to put a spark into that special occasion, we've got you covered!
Arts and Crafts are deeply rooted in culture. It creates a sense of bonding and belonging. We fill your home with an aura of African heritage by providing you with a wide variety of options. From artistic paintings to hang on the walls of your living room, to carefully handwoven laundry baskets to keep your laundry as well as wood carvings, table cloth, fruit baskets, door mats, carpets and many more for your home interior decor 
African Beauty Products that is authentic and purely organic, locally produced and guaranteed to give you the best results for your skin and hair needs. The indigenous, native method of refining these products has yielded evident results for decades and centuries. We still believe in the exceptional African way of creating splendid products like shea butter, coconut oil and black soap. 
This is where we unite ideas from all over Africa, turn them into need-satisfying products and put them in one place for all.

 We accept custom and bulk orders. We design pieces that are fit for occasion, fit for purpose and gives value for money.
 Enjoy the splendor of Africa.